Discover the captivating world of Imperium Classic by downloading the most renowned Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in Argentina for free!

Rediscover the Classic with Imperium Classic

This new version immerses you in the classic essence of the game, where adventure, strategy, and community intertwine to provide an unforgettable experience. Uncover the timeless charm of Imperium Classic and return to the classics!

Your favorite events!

Are you passionate about competitive events? We offer 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and Battle Royale modes, all framed within a seasonal system that allows you to showcase your skills.

Do you prefer role-playing events? We have a wide range, from Christmas celebrations to Easter events, covering everything you're looking for and more.

Still craving for more? If you're looking for fast-paced and exhilarating action, you'll find it on our BattleServers.

Blacksmithing, mining, fishing, logging, and much more!

Traditional professions now come in enhanced versions, with more substantial rewards and new recipes to discover.

Participa de la beta

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60 x Creditos30 x Dias de DonadorRuna Hogar1 x Pocion de Cara Legendaria1 x Scroll de Exp +10%1 x Scroll de Oro +10%
$5000 ARS
120 x Creditos45 x Dias de DonadorRuna Hogar3 x Pocion de Cara Legendaria3 x Scroll de Exp +10%3 x Scroll de Oro +10%Montura equina de fuegoColgante de cuarzo
$12000 ARS
240 x Creditos60 x Dias de DonadorRuna Hogar5 x Pocion de Cara Legendaria5 x Scroll de Exp +10%5 x Scroll de Oro +10%Montura equina de fuegoAnillo doradoMontura Acuatica
$20000 ARS